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What’s My IP, Again?

or, I can’t remember what the commands are. I promise to write them down this time… Before we get into the amazingness of the ip command, I want to tell you who this guide isn’t for. It’s not for those who deliberately install a Linux operating system that strips out systemd or eschews other technical […]

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Disabling Intel and AMD CPU Vulnerability Mitigations in Debian and Ubuntu

Or, becoming the target of opportunity for that sweet sweet speculation Over the past few years, Intel more so than AMD, vulnerabilities like Spectre, Meltdown and others have been found in the most common CPUs in use today. Further, these aren’t run of the mill vulnerabilities. They are architectural flaws that cannot be truly fixed […]

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Fixing Unwanted Volume Fade in Ubuntu and Fedora

Over the past year I’ve gotten pretty proficient in Audacity since I started editing for the show I do at mintCast. I’m far from any kind of expert, but I’ve learned a few tricks and shaved my editing time down for a show from four hours to two. Most of that is just getting muscle […]