Author: Leo

  • What’s My IP, Again?

    or, I can’t remember what the commands are. I promise to write them down this time… This writeup is for people on modern Linux desktops or servers that just happen to find themselves in the terminal when they decide networking information is needed and are unfamiliar with ifconfig or would rather use its successor, ip. […]

  • Disabling Intel and AMD CPU Vulnerability Mitigations in Debian and Ubuntu

    Or, becoming the target of opportunity for that sweet sweet speculation Over the past few years, Intel more so than AMD, vulnerabilities like Spectre, Meltdown and others have been found in the most common CPUs in use today. Further, these aren’t run of the mill vulnerabilities. They are architectural flaws that cannot be truly fixed […]

  • Fedora, Firefox and h264

    Or, getting Netflix, Plex and a bunch of other services to actually, finally work in Firefox. Fedora has been a go-to of mine for quite a while. I tend to live on the Ubuntus for the support they offer on the web, and popularity overall. Every new derivative distribution nowadays seems to be based on […]

  • Fixing Unwanted Volume Fade in Ubuntu and Fedora

    Over the past year I’ve gotten pretty proficient in Audacity since I started editing for the show I do at mintCast. I’m far from any kind of expert, but I’ve learned a few tricks and shaved my editing time down for a show from four hours to two. Most of that is just getting muscle […]

  • Installing Nextcloud in Ubuntu

    Or, using snaps to dump large amounts of files at once, easily. Over the past few months I’ve convinced myself that I’m in need of a shared storage solution for the house, and sometimes, the most useful of these, sftp and samba, can be cumbersome to get going on the first go-around for someone unfamiliar […]

  • Prevent Sleep on Lid Close in the Fedora 30 Terminal

    One the ideas I’ve been kicking around lately is whether or not to leave OpenMediaVault behind in favor of a vanilla Fedora 30 server on my personal NAS. The main reason for going with OpenMediaVault in the first place was that I wanted an easy to configure Samba server. However, as I’ve adopted Linux full-time […]

  • The Dingo Ate My Beta

    Or, A quick review of Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo Beta The beta release for Disco Dingo was available on March 26th according to Ubuntu’s image date on the download page, and I’ve been using it since the 28th! I think that’s given me a good amount of time to kick the tires and test things […]

  • Thinkpad T450s Multi-touch Fails After Suspend

    Mint has been my daily driver for a few months now on my laptop, and after the tweaks in the previous post, has been a great experience, except for one thing. The trackpad. The trackpad itself is quite usable, and supports multi-touch gestures. It’s after a suspend that a problem arises. My most used gesture […]

  • Coming Home to Mint

    Less so now than years ago, distro hopping is still something I’m compelled to do. I tend to stick with the *buntus, yet, every so often, a new feature or desktop will hit a distro outside of my usual orbit, and I’ll get the urge to try it out. Fedora is one of those far […]

  • In Search of a Lightweight Desktop

    For the past few weeks I’ve been distro hopping trying to find a new Linux home, well, really, desktop environment. Because, to be honest, I’m an Ubuntu LTS guy through and through. It’s got the best application compatibility, supporting just about everything I could ask for. However, I did part ways briefly to check out […]