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  • Fedora, Firefox and h264

    Or, getting Netflix, Plex and a bunch of other services to actually, finally work in Firefox. Fedora has been a go-to of mine for quite a while. I tend to live on the Ubuntus for the support they offer on the web, and popularity overall. Every new derivative distribution nowadays seems to be based on […]

  • Fixing Unwanted Volume Fade in Ubuntu and Fedora

    Over the past year I’ve gotten pretty proficient in Audacity since I started editing for the show I do at mintCast. I’m far from any kind of expert, but I’ve learned a few tricks and shaved my editing time down for a show from four hours to two. Most of that is just getting muscle […]

  • Prevent Sleep on Lid Close in the Fedora 30 Terminal

    One the ideas I’ve been kicking around lately is whether or not to leave OpenMediaVault behind in favor of a vanilla Fedora 30 server on my personal NAS. The main reason for going with OpenMediaVault in the first place was that I wanted an easy to configure Samba server. However, as I’ve adopted Linux full-time […]